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EVE Online Kronos Update Goes Live, Leads to Rise of Pirate Factions

EVE Online Kronos Update Goes Live, Leads to Rise of Pirate Factions

by SamJune 4, 2014


It was recently announced by CCP Games that their update schedule would be changing to allow for many more smaller updates throughout each year (From two to ten per year). The first of these updates, Kronos, has just gone live on servers and brings with it a number of alterations and new features. Kronos focuses on the continued decline of the four major empires and celebrates the concurrent rise of pirate factions and player influence across the constellations.

In Kronos, EVE’s legendary space combat will forever change thanks to the new and deadly Mordu’s Legion ships, a stealthy mining frigate, and 38 other rebalanced ships and drones. New visual changes include reimagined solar flares, warp effects and new ship skins. An entirely customizable soundscape allows players to tailor their own audio experience. Low-security space sites and dozens of other changes round out Kronos and set the stage for the massive industry features coming in July’s Crius release. 

While I can personally vouch for the intellectually stimulating enjoyment of EVE Online, you can check out a free 14-day trial for yourself via the games official website.

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