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EVE Online Reaches Eleven Year Anniversary

EVE Online Reaches Eleven Year Anniversary

by SamMay 6, 2014


While it may not be as noteworthy as their big 10th Anniversary celebrations last year, EVE Online and CCP Games still continue to impress with another successful year of battles, profiteering and completely acceptable scamming in the lone virtual universe that houses tens of thousands of players at any one time.

In celebrating this minor milestone in the game’s history, CCP Falcon has announced in a development blog that all active subscribers will find three Gecko superheavy drones in the redeeming section of the character selection screen. These drones boast more damage, durability and striking power than any drone ever released before… provided your ship has the skills to use them.

An additional eight of these drones will be available for all players in the Tranquility universe throughout the coming days. These can be obtained through a series of challenges completed as part of a community collective.

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