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Square Enix Release New DLC Content for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Yep, More Garb Sets

by SamMarch 12, 2014
Final Fantasy VII Aerith

Final Fantasy VII Aerith

Still making your way through Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII but still after that “special” garb for Lightning to wear during her role as Savior? Square Enix have just this minute announced a slew of new DLC sets including content that was previously available through promotional means and a handful of new costumes, weapons and shields.

For your convenience, the full list has been included below:

Set #1 Final Fantasy Legends Collection ($9.99)

  • Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna
  • Final Fantasy VII Cloud
  • Final Fantasy VII Aerith

Set #2 Sohei Savior ($2.99)

  • Garb: Sohei Savior
  • Weapon: Treasure Hold
  • Shield: Fealty 


Set #3 Shogun ($2.99)

  • Garb: Shogun
  • Weapon: Thirteen Nights
  • Shield: Thunderstruck

Set #4: The Samurai Collection ($9.99)

  • Shining Prince
  • Dark Samurai
  • Sohei Savior
  • Utsusemi
  • Art of War
  • Flower of Battle
  • Shogun
Art of War

Art of War

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