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Atelier Ayesha Plus – New Costumes Showcased for Ayesha, Wilbell and Linca

by SamMarch 17, 2014


With Atelier Ayesha Plus less than two weeks away from its official Japanese release, GUST have taken the time to showcase three new additional costumes for each Ayesha Altugle, Wilbell voll Erslied and Linca that will be available during the game in addition to a number of accessories to further customize the trio with.

Not too concerned about costumes but want to see more on this PlayStation Vita port? Check out The Otaku’s Study Atelier Ayesha Plus archives and my review of the original PlayStation 3 release. At this point Tecmo Koei have not committed themselves to an international release of this game.

The official titles for each of the costumes are:


  • フィルツレディ
  • ナイトブロッサム (Night Blossom)
  • ピンキードール (Pinky Doll)


  • クリムゾンフラワー (Crimson Flower)
  • マジカルスイマー (Magical Swimmer)
  • チェッカーガール (Chequer Girl)


  • 菊花繚乱 (Chrysanthemum Profusion)
  • ダークヴァルキリー (Dark Valkyrie)
  • ローズアマゾネス (Rose Amazoness)
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