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CCP Games Continue Their 12 Days of Goodies in DUST 514 – Day 9

CCP Games Continue Their 12 Days of Goodies in DUST 514 – Day 9

by SamJanuary 3, 2014


Rather than doing a “12 Days till Christmas” countdown like many other company’s have done for their releases and daily bonuses, CCP Games have decided to reverse it – with every day from Christmas offering a different bonus item for DUST 514. These aren’t login bonuses however, and to prevent people from taking a minute out of their day to grab the item you have to earn a single victory with other players to grab them.

While it has been a few days since I last did a post on this, the event has now entered its 9th Day, where from the clue “If I only had a few more hit points…“, they are providing everyone who meets the criteria a set of twelve ‘Impulse’ Enhanced Shield Generators.

The clue for tomorrow is: “Unleash mayhem with the pull of a trigger“.

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