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EVE Online: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition Available at Discounted Price Until 1st January 2014

EVE Online: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition Available at Discounted Price Until 1st January 2014

by SamDecember 30, 2013


Thinking of getting into EVE Online and don’t mind spending a lot more than the subscription fee to purchase it? Already converted into becoming a regular in the EVE Online universe and would like to own something awesome? Until the 1st January 2014 at 25:59 UTC, you can pcik up the EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition at a reduced price, 85.99€.

This collectors edition includes:

Into the Second Decade: A fully-illustrated history book celebrating the EVE Universe from creation to the integration of DUST 514. This 192 page Hard-back book, 285mm x 230mm, is filled with high quality imagery.

“Minmatar Rifter” combat frigate: This finely crafted and detailed model (178mm x 178mm x 51mm) is also a 4-port USB hub bringing one of the most popular ships in EVE history to life for your desktop. (Includes stand and usb cable.) Please note that the Rifter Hub supplied in the Eve 10th Anniversary collectors box is designed to be plugged directly into a PC / Mac / Laptop / Netbook only. Plugging it into an externally powered USB-Hub or any other connecting device may cause the built-in fuse protection to break the circuit.

EVE Symphony Soundtrack CD: Recorded live during the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra performance at Fanfest 2013. Packaged with 3 collectable ‘code’ cards in a special edition digipak.

A CCP “Mystery Code: Will grant owners special benefits related to future CCP products and events including

- 1 x PLEX – available at launch
- New and exclusive “Phanca” Cybernetic Arm – coming November 19
- Exclusive “Templar MkII Prototype Fighter” for EVE: Valkyrie – coming 2014
- More Mystery Code content will be announced soon

Danger Game: The board game created by the founders of CCP to help fund the development of the original EVE Online release, now translated to English for all to enjoy. With fully updated artwork it is packaged in a commemorative Collector’s Edition tin.

This is in addition to a number of digital goodies for both EVE Online and its companion game DUST 514 for the Playstation 3. You can pick yourself up a copy from the official EVE Store.

*All descriptions for the physical items provided by CCP Games when promoting the product.

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