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Electronic Arts, Ghost Games Launch Need for Speed Rivals on Current Generation Gaming Consoles

Electronic Arts, Ghost Games Launch Need for Speed Rivals on Current Generation Gaming Consoles

by SamNovember 21, 2013


Without waiting for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 to launch, Electronic Arts alongside developer Ghost Games have confirmed that their high-speed racing game Need for Speed Rivals is now available to purchase on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox360 video game consoles. Both Playstation 4 and Xbox One editions on the other hand will be available a week from today – serving as the only racing game currently available on the PS4.

Need for Speed Rivals is set in an open world where the ultimate rivalry between the Racers and Cops continues, daring gamers to cross the line as either a cop or racer to gain the upper hand by any means necessary. Playing as either side of the law comes with its own distinct career experiences, each with their own set of high-stakes challenges, rewards, pursuit tech and cars. But this time, the stakes are at its highest level with an all-new scoring system where gamers put their Speed Points on the line and risk losing it all if busted. Having played the game already, there is nothing more frustrating than racking up a 6-digit sum of points and then have some player as a cop ruin it all!


The biggest promoted feature for this installment in the franchise is the AllDrive system, one that destroys the line between single, co-op and multiplayer allowing friends and complete randoms to play the game in the same world. Being able to play as both Racer and Cop, the experience always provides someone new to go up against – and also allows you to on the spur of the moment, decide to hold a race against another person.

I will have a review up of this title hopefully tonight.

Marcus Nilsson | Executive Producer at Ghost Games

At Ghost Games we were given the keys to the Need for Speed franchise to bring new energy into the genre and we’re doing that with AllDrive. Thanks to AllDrive, players can create their own organized chaos, going from driving alone to being in an all-out chase with their friends at an instant. These unexpected moments create the ultimate edge-of-your-seat experience, and this is the direction our team wants to take racing games in the next generation.

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