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Dead Rising 3 – “Snowflakes” Launch Trailer

Dead Rising 3 – “Snowflakes” Launch Trailer

by SamNovember 21, 2013

While Capcom seem to struggle in deciding if they want to have Dead Rising remain a Microsoft-exclusive franchise or have it multiplatform, however with Dead Rising 3 they have decided to take a starring role on the Xbox One launch slate and promises even more zombie killing mayhem.

Take a ride on the wild side and a trip off the deep end of the zombie apocalypse.
The end is finally here and it’s never looked so good. Welcome to the after party.

I look forward to seeing if Dead Rising 3 lives up to the expectations set by its predecessors (Except Off the Record which left my PS3 with a YLOD) when it launches at midnight along the Xbox One console.

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