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Aksys Games Announce Magus for Playstation 3 – Set for Release in Early 2014

Aksys Games Announce Magus for Playstation 3 – Set for Release in Early 2014

by SamNovember 21, 2013


North American video game publisher Aksys Games announced earlier today that they will be co-developing a game named Magus for the Playstation 3 with Black Tower. They have currently described it as being an action-adventure game set for release in early 2014, and looking at what they have shown so far is quite different from what I have come to expect from the publisher.

For years, Magus has been imprisoned and tortured with no end in sight. One day a mysterious woman named Kina appears and helps him break free. She convinces him to embark on a perilous journey to fulfill his destiny, using his unique powers to defeat all who stand in his path. But with two powerful kingdoms vying to control the land and their eyes set on Magus’s powers, how will he overcome the odds to become the god he was meant to be?

Some promoted features of this release include:

  • A God with the Power of Arcane - Players will control Magus as he uses his abilities to crush his enemies. Kina aids him in his quest, using her skills as a warrior to help overcome the many obstacles that stand in the way.
  • Powerful Spells – Magus can absorb three types of colored stones: blue, red, and green. Each of these colors gives Magus the ability to unleash a variety of powerful magic spells including raising the dead, devastating fireballs, and more.
  • Become Unstoppable – Each of Magus’s special abilities can increase in power as he defeats more enemies. Players can be the master of just one type of magic, or master of all three, depending on their play preference.
  • Challenging Gameplay – Players who are up to the challenge can increase the difficulty setting in real time. Players will need to use all of Magus’s abilities in order to defeat the vast array of enemies before him.
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