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CCP Games to Take Part in “Rewriting the Classics: Modern SciFi in Comics” Panel at New York Comic Con – To Share More on “True Stories from the First Decade”

by SamOctober 10, 2013


CCP Games have announced that at tomorrows New York Comic Con, their creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson and art director Borkur Eiriksson for EVE Online will take part in a panel discussion with Dark Horse during the event.  The panel, “Rewriting the Classics: Modern SciFi in Comics,” will explore the rich tradition of science fiction in comics and share new details about the upcoming “EVE: True Stories From The First Decade” comic book.

“EVE: True Stories” will feature a series of short stories inspired by actual player-driven events in the EVE Universe submitted to the “True Stories From the First Decade” website. Information about the upcoming “EVE: Source” book will also be revealed.

In addition to CCP’s Torfi and Borkur, the panel will also include Scott Allie, editor-in-chief of Dark Horse Comics; Mac Walter, lead writer of the Mass Effect series; Tommy Lee Edwards, illustrator (Vandroid) and filmmaker; moderated by Aub Driver, publicist for Dark Horse Comics.

More information on the session can be found below:

Title:               Rewriting the Classics: Modern SciFi in Comics!
Time:              October 10 from 3:15 to 4:15pm ET
Location:      Room 1A10
Summary:      For over 20 years, Dark Horse has published some of the most well known franchises in the history of modern science fiction. From Star Wars to Aliens, the publisher is home to some of the most celebrated characters and storylines in the genre, and has consistently expanded the experience far beyond the screen. Now, join us for a look the future of the past, present and beyond with news on upcoming storylines in Prometheus, Aliens, Predator, as well as Star Wars, and the greatest 80’s film that never was, Vandroid! Not only that, we will delve into today’s science fiction classics of tomorrow, with exclusive news on Mass Effect, EVE Online, HALO and more! Dark Horse publicist Aub Driver and Editor in Chief, Scott Allie are joined by Mac Walters (Mass Effect), Tommy Lee Edwards (Vandroid), as well a cast of surprise guests, and announcements on all of your favorite Dark Horse series!
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