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Namco Bandai Release More Pac-Man For Your Buck in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+

Namco Bandai Release More Pac-Man For Your Buck in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+

by SamSeptember 27, 2013

Depending on what console you play it on, Pac-Man has brought both joy and frustration in a history that has run longer than I have been alive. Despite its retro roots in the video game industry the releases for it have not yet stopped, with Namco Bandai confirming their release on PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ for the first time ever on Steam. In addition, as a gift for all those who have purchased the game without a “+” in the title on the Windows 8, Playstation 3 or Xbox360, you get a free title update to give you everything that extra symbol entails.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ upgrades the original 2010 release with improved leaderboard functionality, a refined user-interface and new in-game achievements and medals to push the challenge up one notch (or brag to friends as to who unlocked which achievement first).

Feel like a push for DLC content? Namco Bandai have also confirmed that eight new DLC packs have been created for both PC and console users, including original mazes with “extreme” challenges., skins and music tracks. hose DLCs can be purchased separately or in an “All You Can Eat Pack” and in an “All You Can Eat Edition”. The full list of available DLCs is below:

  • Mountain Course
  • Big Eater Course
  • Championship III and Highway II Courses
  • Dig Dug Skin
  • Rally-X Skin
  • Pac is Back Skin
  • Pac Steps BGM
  • Re-entrance BGM
  • All You Can Eat Add-On Pack (all DLCs included)

Not convinced? Maybe these screenshots will sway you to either side of the “Shall I purchase?” debate.

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