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Nippon Ichi Software Showcase New Information, Screenshots for Battle Princess of Arcadia

Nippon Ichi Software Showcase New Information, Screenshots for Battle Princess of Arcadia

by SamAugust 25, 2013


Nippon Ichi Software have recently shared new information and screenshots on their upcoming (currently Japan-exclusive) side scrolling game Battle Princess of Arcadia. This game has a strong relation to the worlds different fairy tales, most of which are related to different songs and tunes.

The first example of a fairy tale provided surrounds a mysterious ghost ship that appears on stormy nights while changing an eerie tune. Another fairy tale involves the near destruction of the world, where beings known as “Bearers” arrived on the planet and began singing a tune that brandwashed others into destroying the planet. The third hinted at tale also surrounds manipulation, and involves a being known as the “Lewin Aria” that can use a song to manipulate others to do its bidding. The final tale involves a secret inheritance within the basement of the royal castle that only the king and select others can see..


Nippon Ichi Software also announced two new characters who will be making their appearance in the Battle Princess of Arcadia. The first (pictured above) is a young male wizard by the name of Eriaashu (エリアーシュ). A member of the Northern Corps who has been subject to attraction of both men and women alike – and has risen through the ranks through his brainpower and decent battle potential. His attacks are generally long-range attacks, and makes up for his lack of speed by being able to hover during a jump. His special move is Petit ☆ Destroy, which allows him to drop a meteorite onto a particular region.


While it doesn’t seem like he will be a playable character like Eriaashu, the second announced character is Yuruka, the chief of the Eastern Corps. After a monster subjugation mission, he has been proclaimed missing which leads into more than what it seems like… a trip on a very familiar sounding ghost ship.


As with many games of its type, Battle Princess of Arcadia will feature a rudimentary weapon upgrade system using materials that Princess Plum collects during her journey. There are three different ways that Plum can improve her weapons including:

Performance Enhancing

The most common enhancement mechanic. Using the materials collected during the journey you can enhance a weapons attributes.

Skill Release

Not all weapons have skills readily unlocked for them. Through the use of particular materials you can unlock these skills and give the weapon a competitive edge in your arsenal.

Weapon Evolution

As the header suggests, weapons can be enhanced to a higher stage which can further enhance its power and potential skills. This is the most costly in terms of materials and money.

Below is a sizable cache of screenshots which highlight all the above mentioned features and characters, as well as a look at some of the stages to be included in the game (Eg. Crystal Cave, Desert, Iceberg Zone).

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  • Vince Vazquez

    They’re focused on localizing stuff like Guided Fate Paradox, Disgaea D2 and Witch & The Hundred Knights for the West, at the moment, right? I’m just gonna assume that this will be something for their next wave of titles to get announced for release outside Japan. Here’s hoping, anyway. I love sidescrollers like this. Wish they made a console port of Prinny: Can I really be the Hero? That game was rad, but I hate my PSP.