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EVE Online: Odyssey Set for Release in June 2013

EVE Online: Odyssey Set for Release in June 2013

by SamMarch 24, 2013


CCP Games, the team behind the popular and more unique online game EVE Online have confirmed that the next expansion pack for the title “Odyssey” is set to go live on the games servers from the 4th June 2013. As with all other expansion packs for the title, given players pay a monthly subscription fee this latest major update and all events associated with it are free

Odyssey is set to offer new tools for exploring the stars, challenges you to breach the unknown for adventure and rewards and to face what lies on the other side. A re-imagined scanning system, intuitive navigation and new exploration modules will aid you as you search the heavens for your next conquest. Some will encounter sites never discovered before, and others will be confronted with intriguing tests of skill and resolve. Ample rewards await those that return from their journeys with ships intact (and potentially financial burden for those who lose their best ships in the process).

Below are some specifics on the features:

Using this new system, more pilots will reveal the hidden secrets of the EVE Universe. Beautiful new visuals, customizable controls and new functionality have been added to encourage the adventurer in everyone. There is now more among the stars, enticing even the most experienced veterans to explore.

A rebalance of major areas of space from highsec to nullsec include changes in exploration sites, industrial resources, some types of NPC loot and more…

Forged by the lessons learned from countless combat pilots, the four factions will issue forth with the latest tools of war and re-designs of old favorites – ships as awe-inspiring as they are deadly.

The shared EVE Universe storyline continues to evolve following the Battle for Caldari Prime, with participatory events spawning unique player stories in two games at once.

Continued development towards raising accessibility without removing functionality will bring dozens of changes to player-owned starbases, game UI and beyond.

These are but a few of the features, and expect to hear more about them over the coming weeks.

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