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Latest Update for TERA Online (Patch Brings Back PvP Server ‘Valley of Titans’

Latest Update for TERA Online (Patch Brings Back PvP Server ‘Valley of Titans’

by SamFebruary 14, 2013


A little more than a week ago, En Masse Entertainment and Bluepoint Games released a major update for TERA Online. Tera: Rising as it was called brought along not only many new gameplay improvements and features, but in attempting to rise the community the game was transferred from a Pay-to-Play (P2P) payment system to a Free-to-Play (FTP) system utilizing a cash shop for “elite membership” and a number of (mostly) aesthetic costumes and accessories for your characters to utilize.

This week saw the release of the first game update since Tera: Rising for which the company recently released patch notes for. The major addition to this update is their decision to bring back their Player versus Player server Valley of Titans (Bringing the total number of PVP servers to three). Transfers from your current server are now open – with further details copied below

  • Transfers are allowed to and from this server, but the rules are slightly different than other servers.
    • The minimum level to transfer will be 20.
    • The maximum gold to transfer will be 50,000.
    • Celestial Hills, Mount Tyrannas, and Tempest Reach will be able to transfer to this server.
    • All other transfer rules apply.
  • No prime titles will be available on this server.
  • This server will be on the same instance and battleground matching server as Celestial Hills, Mount Tyrannas, and Tempest Reach servers.

For additional information on the content included in this latest game update, read the patch notes HERE.

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