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Disgaea Dimension 2 – Character Classes, Characters, Weapons both Old and New and New Screenshots

Disgaea Dimension 2 – Character Classes, Characters, Weapons both Old and New and New Screenshots

by SamJanuary 12, 2013


For those who have missed the memo, Nippon Ichi Software in Japan confirmed a short while ago that they would be developing a sequel to the original installment in the Disgaea series (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness), which will see you return to the Netherworld and take control of Laharl, Etna and Flonne after they once again manage to obtain hold of the Main Character status. More information has recently been unveiled on this game – including some of the character units you will see in the game, weapon types both new and returning and new characters.



In previous Disgaea games you have generally had access to eight types of weapons (Fist, Sword, Spear, Bow, Gun, Axe, Staff and Monster Weapons). From the looks of things these eight will not be removed, but they will be including a new weapon type “Books”, which unlike Raspberyl’s in Disgaea 3 and more along the lines of the ones in Phantom Brave, will not be considered monster weapons but actual weapons for characters to use (Don’t quote me on this). These weapons are not for magic spells however, instead focusing on summoning spirits as seen below:

4 3 2 1

Screenshots of the games other weaponary can be seen in the batch set of images at the bottom of this post.


In every game in the Makai Senki Disgaea series, including spin-off titles such as Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom, playing as the games storyline characters are not always enough to make it through the game – meaning creating and naming your own custom characters several standard and unlockable classes is key. Some of the character classes you will get to play with include:

Fighter FF FM

The standard Fighter characters who we have been accustomed to seeing in every game will make a reappearance in both Male and Female forms. Aside from minor changes, there has been very little difference with their character designs over the series and should be the same as you would expect to find them in every title.

Mage FM MM

In the original game, Mages were referred to as ‘Skulls’, and in particular for the male skulls they had considerably different designs to what we are used to now. Rather than retain the original designs they have chosen to go with the Disgaea 4 designs for the characters, and should once again be split up into the different elements meaning you should find yourself with many of them in your party.

HealerFH MH

Unlike the female healer which from memory has appeared in every Disgaea game, the male healer has only appeared in a couple – and it seems like they have decided to bring back the male healer as pictured to the right.

Brawler MB FB

As with the Male Healers, the appearances of the specific brawler class has not appeared in every game – for example in Disgaea 2 they were referred to as Sinners. They did however appear in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness although the designs from Disgaea 3 were carried over.

As you were able to do in Disgaea 4, you can choose from a selection of voice overs for your characters (Hopefully if released internationally NIS America will decide to dub these voices unlike Mugen Souls where they left blank voices when working with the English dub) as well as a personality which further diversifies the characters by giving them each special traits. Colour changes for your characters are also possible and it doesn’t seem to be limited by character level or your wallet size according to screenshots.


We have so far seen not only Laharl, Etna and Flonne return, but also Sicily who is Laharl’s younger sister. Of course, there are set to be several more new characters – with some of them being recently announced. The storyline follows Laharl, although not all demons do not necessarily want him to hold the title of Overlord and form the King Krichevskoy Faction – desiring the netherworld’s leader to reflect one like Laharl’s late father.

Galungun Grosso Rainier

The three characters pictured above are members of the King Krichevskoy – Galungun the Destroyer, leader of the faction Grosso and Laharl’s former babysitter Rainier.

Barbara Xeno

In terms of humanoid characters, we have Barbara who the faction believe would be a perfect candidate to take over Laharl when they dethrone him. On the other hand, the other humanoid character Xenolith is more of a mystery, with an introverted personality. Both seem to be important characters…. but their exact roles still remain a mystery.


Something Else Worth Noticing

While I don’t have much information on it, from this image it looks like humanoid characters may be able to ride select monster characters – as you can see Flonne doing in the image above.


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