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RPG Maker Website Has New Resources and a Game (Alpha Kimori) Up for Sale

RPG Maker Website Has New Resources and a Game (Alpha Kimori) Up for Sale

by SamAugust 5, 2012

Degica, the publisher of the RPG Maker line of software for the PC have recently sent around a newsletter detailing a couple of new items they have for purchase on their website – a brand new game and a new modern day resource back.

1. Alpha Kimori

Created with RPG Maker, Alpha Kimori is the first in a trilogy of cute, bright, and colourful Japanese Anime inspired RPG’s. It features an intricate (and epic) action-adventure story with a delightful mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements. With a ton of custom graphics, Alpha Kimori Episode 1 is a delight to behold and even more enjoyable to play. Alpha Kimori is developed by Sherman3D and published by Big Fish Games. The games official website can be viewed HERE, and from there can additionally be purchased through a number of other distributors.

The following are a few features of the game they are promoting:

  • Cute Japanese Anime Inspired Graphics
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy Interactive Novel Storyline: An engaging interactive novel storyline with plenty of twists and turns will keep you guessing.
  • Quest Journal: Never lose track of which bad guy you have slay or how many widgets you still need to collect with the built in Quest Journal.
  • JRPG Turn Based Battle: The Classic Japanese RPG Turn Based Battle System gives you time for strategy and lets you figure out the best way to take down those baddies.
  • Ki Skill Animation: Kimorians have the ability to use dazzling Ki skills to aid them in combat. Special elemental special effects also make battles that much more exciting.
  • Hatsune Miku and Lavena Chou: Theme song sung by the popular Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku, and Lavena Chou 張ラヴェナ
If you choose to purchase through the RPG Maker website, you can download a trial HERE, or purchase the full version HERE.
2. Resource Set

Back in June they released a Modern Day pack which contained a set of Inside and Outside tiles which suit a more modern game environment, contrasting the more fantasyesque setting the software more or less leads you towards building. The company today released an add-on for the Modern Day tileset entitled “Modern-Day Shop Add-on”. Let’s be honest… in most RPG’s you would be expected to either find or purchase the equipment and items for your quest… meaning you may require a shop. As this was not possible with the tiles they currently had this might be an appropriate inclusion for the game you want to develop.

The following are some of the features they are promoting about this set:

  • Grocery Store Tiles: Shelves filled with canned and boxed goods, freezers with pizza and fresh fruit/vegetable stalls are just a few of the objects included in this add-on pack. You can create realistic and elaborate grocery stores – a must for any present-day themed game!
  • Clothing Store Tiles: Thinking about changing your character’s costume? Make it realistic with clothing items in this pack. Stacks of t-shirts, jeans and mannequins can make your clothing store feel natural.
  • Two Types of Restaurants: Should you eat at a fast food burger joint or a posh French bistro? With the modern shop add-on pack, you can create either – or both! The pack also includes a commercial kitchen and a large variety of plated foods.
  • Object Add-ons: You can add even more variety to your shelves and environment with the object add-on. The file includes small objects such as cans, pizza boxes, clothing and baked goods.

You can purchase this resource set HERE.

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