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In New Love Plus, Create a Virtual Date with the Nintendo 3DS Camera and Your Imagination

In New Love Plus, Create a Virtual Date with the Nintendo 3DS Camera and Your Imagination

by SamDecember 27, 2011

Just like the previous article on Kiki Trick, the above video is a Developers Preview of Love Plus, with Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and Producer of the game Akari Uchida showcasing a number of features exclusive to this installment of the franchise. The most interesting element of this is the Augmented Reality capabilities of this game, with the ability to take photos of real life environments than create your own customised date through using them – and the girls interact with the environments they are unknowingly placed in.

For example, take this image to the left. The image was taken before the date took place, and while I am not so certain the systems ability to recognize Satoru Iwata in the picture, she did recognize where the couch cushion was and sat in the precise location. Of course, this could all be pre-rendered footage but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Other examples included a river with the date being able to determine what was shallow and safe water to stand on over water where if this were not a game, she would fall into and the ability to determine that a bridge rail was able to be sat on. The length as to which this feature would be viable I suppose will be known in due time.

Either way, New Love Plus has no official international release date but is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS during February 2012 in Japan. As with previous installments, this is being developed by Konami.

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