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Checking up on Granado Espada and Dragonica

Checking up on Granado Espada and Dragonica

by SamJune 13, 2010

Both Granado Espada and Dragonica (IAHGames versions) have new fresh versions either incoming or already out!

Granado Espada is awaiting the much anticipated Version 4.5, which incorperates a long list of updates which were spread out in the other versions. With new RNPC’s to encounter and use, new areas to explore and more bosses and quests to engage your characters in, it is definately something to look forward to. I would list the updates but they are too numerous to mention, so I will redirect you to Lorenza’s Granado Espada Blog as she is outlining all the main attractions as time goes on (Most recently, the much needed mail system). If you click Read More at the bottom of this post, I have a copy of an important message to anyone in Back and Giovanni that you should read if you havent already heard about the server merger.

On the other hand, Dragonica has recieved a new update in the form of Chapter 2: Revenge of Paris, which is one of the biggest updates to date. It includes a number of features that has been teased ingame as well as much requested and entirely new features. If you have that maxed out character on Dragonica, it is now time to get back ingame and start playing again! Some of the new features are:

  • 4th Class – Time to upgrade your character to the next level with new skills at your disposal!
  • My Home – It has been teased ingame since the original beta tests, now you can own your own home and furnish it once you hit level 25!
  • Updated PvP System – Are you a hardcore PvPer or are you only a casual one? New systems guarantee you will be at home regardless of your tastes.
  • Big Wheel – A new cash-shop item allowing big costume rewards!
  • New Emporia War System – Take your guild down a greater path to glory!
  • Monster Card System – Upgrade your skills with cards!
  • Mission Map Defense Mode – A new mode to add life to the mission maps you love.
  • Experience Bonus Systems – Improve your EXP yield with these systems!

Want to know more? Click here

For a much clearer version, click here

[World Merger] IMPORTANT things to note! (Update: Merc Licenses have been inserted)

If you treasure your family on Bach or Giovanni, it is extremely important to read this wall-of-text.

(Your account data may be gone for good if you did not follow these instructions carefully.)

Effective on 17th June 2010, Thursday, the current Giovanni server will be merged together with Bach’s, hence providing a more vibrant world for new and intermediate players, and new challenges for established players and factions.

As a result of the migration, the following will be enacted:
– Colony Maps will be reset
– Market Tax will be reset
– Market Tax will resume AFTER the conclusion of the first post-migration Colony War

Also, all players on Bach and Giovanni are highly advised to take note of these points prior to migration:
– Remove all items in the Cabinet
– Remove all items in Market Manager
– Refrain from activating time-based premium items (Applies to Rembrandt)

Read on to find out the details on how the migration will affect accounts with families on multiple servers and other character related specifics…

(If players did not follow the instruction below, Bach Family will be kept by default. All restoration requests after the merger will not be entertained.)

Scenario 1: Overlapping of Families on the same account

If you have created a family on BOTH Bach and Giovanni, in the same account, only one of your families will be retained.

IAHGames internal systems will keep the family with more level 100 (or greater) characters, and the other family will be deleted.

In the event whereby there is NO level 100 characters in the account, BACH family will be kept. Thus, it is extremely important to delete unwanted/unused family.

(For example, in the case where Family in Bach has 5 X level 100 characters, 3 X level 1 characters and 1 X Master character while Family in Giovanni has 8 X Level 100 characters, the system will AUTOMATICALLY keep the family in Giovanni. To keep the Bach family, please delete the Giovanni family)

Players are highly encouraged to delete their unused or unwanted families prior to the official migration on 17th June 2010 to ease the merger transition.

IAHGames’ goodwill gesture
IAHGames will be compensating free mercenary licenses to all affecting families who have Level 100 (or greater) characters on BOTH servers. All mercenary licenses will be inserted into the server which contains LESSER Level 100 (or greater) characters at least 1 week before the merge, allowing ample time for you to transfer your characters to another account if you wish to keep them.

Mercenary Licenses have been inserted into all affecting families in the affected servers on 8th June 2010, 16:00 HRs.

Quoting the above example,
(For example, in the case where Family in Bach has 5 X level 100 characters, 3 X level 1 characters and 1 X Master character while Family in Giovanni has 8 X Level 100 characters, the system will AUTOMATICALLY keep the family in Giovanni.)

6 Mercenary licenses will be given to Bach Family, it is player’s sole responsibility to have the characters transferred out of the account.

Instructions for Gamers
If, in any case, both families are high level family, it is your sole responsibility to transfer all the characters and items you want to keep, to another IAHGames passport account*.

*Create only ONE family in this account to ensure definite retention on the family.

Once you’re done with all the transferring, delete the unwanted family in Bach BEFORE the merger.

(If you do not have any characters / items you need in Bach, kindly also have the family deleted to ease the transition.)

After the merger, you can transfer the characters and items back to the original account.

Scenario 2: Overlapping of Family Names

As family names must be unique to each account on each server, it is inevitable that some family names will overlap after the world migration is applied. In the case of an overlap (two different account holders sharing the same family name), the family name will be automatically renamed to FAMILYNAME_SERVERNAME.

IAHGames’ goodwill gesture
A free name change opportunity will be given to everyone after the server merger for two weeks from 17th June 2010 ~ 1st July 2010. Each account is allowed to change their family name once every 7 days, total up to 2 times per account for the given period. Further appeals to change family name after this period will not be entertained.

Scenario 3: Overlapping of Faction Names

Faction names must also be unique on every server. If Faction names overlap after the migration, the overlap will be handled similarly to an overlapping family name.

Affected factions will have their faction name automatically renamed to FACTIONNAME_SERVERNAME.

IAHGames’ goodwill gesture
Faction name change will be given upon the request via ticket from the respective faction leaders.

(Logs has been extracted on 26th May 2010, 12PM, any characters reaching level 100 hereon will not be considered in the criteria and mercenary licenses.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It says ‘A free name change will be given to everyone’, does it mean everyone or players in Bach & Giovanni?
A: It’s for everyone.

Q: I have many Experts/Veterans in my Bach account, but this Bach account is a different passport from the Giovanni. Will I get mercenary licenses too?
A: No. This merge only affects players who have families in BOTH Bach and Giovanni in the same passport account.

Q: I have some premium items in Giovanni, but my main family is in Bach under the same passport account, what should I do?
A: If the premium items are tradable, trade it to another passport account that contains only one family.

Q: Will there be mercenary licenses discount in HCOF? (Since it’ll be given free to affected users)
A: No, there will not be any discounted Mercenary Licenses anymore.

Q: If I have only 1 family in Giovanni, and no family in Bach, will I be affected?
A: No, you will not be affected.

Q: If I have 10 Veterans in Giovanni, and 1 Veteran in Bach, what should I do?
A: You will be given 1 mercenary license in Bach to let you transfer your character into another account. Delete the family in Bach after transferring all the items to another account.

Q: If I have 3 Lvl 50 characters in Giovanni, and 3 Lvl 60 characters in Bach, which family will be retained? I want to keep my Giovanni family because I spent G-points on them already! What should I do?
A: Bach family will be kept by default should conflicting families occur. If you wish to keep your Giovanni Family, kindly delete the family in Bach.

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