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[Dragonica] The loss of Kaye

[Dragonica] The loss of Kaye

by SamMarch 1, 2010

Dear All,

It is with regret that I announce the end of my Term of Guardianship over the realms of Dragonica. I have since been summoned back to the Dragon Realm.

However, a worthy successor has been found who possesses the qualities paramount to this role. Warmth, diligence, courage, passion, interest in the welfare of the community, and (an insane amount of) patience for spam. In the course of the past few months, she has undergone our super-secret intensive-training course for the role of Guardian of the Realm, and is now ready to take over the reins.

Lousy role-playing aside, it is with great pleasure that I introduce Yuffiie as the Regional Community Manager of IAHGames Dragonica. [CM]Yuffiie will be taking care of the Dragonica site, blog, forums, Twitter/Facebook – as well as YOU, from 1 Mar 2010.

Do show her your support and continue to give any pointers you might have about how things could be done better.

As for me, I’m taking a bit of a break to finish my studies in the coming year.
Dragonica may officially be only 8 months old for some of you, but for me it all began 2.5 years go when nobody knew the game, the web site was a 1-page signup form, there wasn’t a forum, colleagues were complaining that “Kaye” was too plain a name, and we had no community to speak of.

My journey began on this good ol’ blog, so it’s fitting that my journey with all of you ends here as well.

It’s been a heck of a trip, and I wish everyone all the best in their adventures, in-game, and in real life!


Yes folks, unfortunately [CM]Kaye has chosen to retire from her position as Community Manager for Dragonica. I have known Kaye for at least two years now and I would like to personally thank her for helping this game to grow into the fun and interesting game that it has become as well as successfully forming a helpful and supportive community in it. I would also like to thank her for giving me the chance to work as a moderator for the official forums, which whilst having its ups and downs at times, was always a fun and rewarding experience. All the best for your studies Kaye!

The new CM is named Yuffiie who has been around the game for quite a while now and therefore not unknown and new. I look forward to seeing what they can bring to the community to keep it growing! All the best!

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  • yatsushiro

    All the best for Kaye too! She did a good job back on handling the community back on the alpha days. Too bad I quit playing because of the horrendous grinding session that I need to do just to gain a level.