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The Newbies Guide to Dragonica – Appendix 1 (Post-CBT Questions)

The Newbies Guide to Dragonica – Appendix 1 (Post-CBT Questions)

by SamMay 20, 2009

This time I have no fancy images to show as this is seriously one of the parts of working on the Official Forum which has kind of annoyed me, the same questions being asked over and over agian. This is not targeting anyone however these are questions I have experienced before and can be used to help everyone in a more efficient manner.

Q1. Why can I not access the server?

The game is currently in OBT phase. Therefore, you will not be able to access the game until it reaches this phase.

Q2. Will my character from the Pre-CBT/CBT be saved for the coming OBT?

Your character will not be saved in the terms of levels or items. If your character reached level 10 during either Pre-CBT or CBT then the characters name will be saved for the OBT and beyond. However, if you reached level 10 in the Pre-CBT and you deleted the character to remake it, you will need to have that character reach level 10 again.

Q3. Will there be a wipe from OBT –> Full Release

There is currently no planned wipe from OBT to the full release. However, if there is a major bug or exploit found, it is within the rights of IAH to do a roll back or complete wipe.

Q4. Will I be getting free cash shop points for the OBT or be keeping the cash shop items/cash that I got in the CBT?

No, everyone is starting on a fresh slate of 0 Cash Shop Points and 0 Cash shop items. There was no cash shop bonus ever planned and users proved irresponsible during the CBT with cash.

Q5. Will guilds or buddy lists be saved into the OBT?

Same as levels, everything starts fresh. From the words of Kaye I think, everyone starts out naked (With newbie gear)

Q6: Can I join TheAddicts?

This is not for advertising or as a joke, a number of people have actually sent me in messages both on the forum and ingame about this. My answer remains the same.

Q7. Will there be IAH Guild Emporia Wars during OBT?

As it will be directly into Full Release, there is a lower chance of this occuring but keep checking the Official Site as there may be the odd occasion for testing.

Q8. Will there be a gift for CBTers?

A gift has been hinted by Kaye (I think…) however what it is and if/when we will get it is unknown.

Q9. What is the minimum word limit for character names?

This is something I actually wondered and checked, from CBT onwards, you require a minimum of 4 alphanumerical symbols in your character name. People in the Pre-CBT that had their name saved can have 3 alphanumerical symbols. Unicode symbols that do not fall into this are not permitted.

Q10. Can I use the CBT client for the OBT?

The good thing to say here is YES!!!! It should be as simple as an easy patch to the previous client and you should have the OBT ready to go!

Q11. When is the OBT?

A question commonly asked…. some say May 28th, others say Early June, the date is not officially announced yet so I am unsure on when it will be. Keep an eager eye out through!

Q12. Where can I get up-to-date information on the Dragonica OBT?

Here are my recommended list of sources of up-to-date information:

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