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The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D Pack Shot
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September 13, 2014

Corpse Party Now Available on iOS Platforms – In Australia for the First Time!

Don’t own a PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita but want to try out Team GrisGris’ horror game Corpse Party? [...]

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June 17, 2014

[E3 2014 Post-Show] Corpse Party (PC) – Trailer

XSEED Games are set to launch Corpse Party for the PC at a later date in 2014. This follows their comparable release of Corpse Party on the PlayStation [...]

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June 6, 2014

XSEED Games Announce E3 2014 Line-up, Confirm Several New Titles

With E3 2014 taking place next week, North American video game publisher XSEED Games have announced what they will be showcasing at their booth during the event (Those not prevented [...]

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January 21, 2013

XSEED Games May Consider Looking at Releasing Corpse Party in Australia With New R18+ Classification

With Australia’s R18+ classification for video games coming into effect starting at the beginning of this year, it has been [...]

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February 6, 2012

Corpse Party to Hit iOS Later This Week in Japan

While there is a much better option of purchasing XSEED Game’s recent English release of Corpse Party for the Playstation Portable over this, those of you who happen to enjoy [...]

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January 2, 2012

The Corpse Party is to Be Repeated…. in Corpse Party on the iOS!

While we outside of Japan are waiting for the (hopefully) eventual announcement of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows by the folks at [...]

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December 21, 2011

Corpse Party 2U – The Party Continues in 2012

You may have managed to escape the party once in Corpse Party, but those in Japan are slated to attend the third blood-filled horror-packed party in 2012, with the next game in the [...]

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