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Razer’s “Adaro” Headphone / Earphone Range Launches Within Australia

Razer’s “Adaro” Headphone / Earphone Range Launches Within Australia

by SamFebruary 24, 2014


As a daily user of my trusty iPod Classic, whether it is going in between classes at university or tuning out the chattering of thousands of people in a shopping centre during a peak hour, I personally expect whatever headset or earphones I use to be comfortable, stylish and feature impeccable audio quality.

Razer, who have become more well known for their gaming peripherals in recent years, recently unveiled a new line of audio devices under the “Adaro” range. Seemingly being developed for the audiophiles out there with a goal of focusing on durability, comfort and audio quality, this range of four products feature everything from the simple earphones many MP3 Player-era folk will be accustomed to all the way up to a series of DJ headphones.

This follows up earlier attempts to appeal to the wider personal entertainment markets with the Razer Kraken and Electra.


Razer today announced that the Adaro series of headphones are now available for purchase within Australia, currently available through the official Razer Online Store with all four to hit select Australian retailers in the next couple of months. Details on each of the four products including pricing and promoted features have been included below for your convenience. Be sure to check out The Otaku’s Study for a review of the Adaro set in the near future!

Razer Adaro In Ear Analog Earphones
$109.95 AUD

  • High-performance 10 mm dynamic drivers
  • Robust, precision-milled aluminium body
  • Personalized fit and sound isolation
  • Flat, anti-tangle cable
  • Compatible with most popular mobile devices
  • Included carrying case


Razer Adaro Stereo Analog Headphones
$149.95 AUD

  • Custom-tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers
  • Comfortable, lightweight form factor
  • Fully adjustable architecture
  • Plush leatherette ear cushions
  • Anti-tangle, braided fiber cable
  • Compatible with most popular mobile devices


Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
$199.95 AUD

  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with aptX technology
  • Up to 20 hours of playback
  • Custom-tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers
  • Comfortable, lightweight form factor
  • Playback and volume controls
  • Plush leatherette ear cushions
  • CD-quality audio over Bluetooth


Razer Adaro DJ Analog Headphones
$279.95 AUD

  • Powerful, high-performance 50 mm dynamic drivers
  • Closed ear cup design for optimal sound isolation
  • Swappable cable system with included coiled and straight cables
  • Fully adjustable and foldable architecture
  • Included .25-in. audio adapter
  • Plush leatherette ear cushions
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android and other mobile devices
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