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Hibiki’s Magic Volumes 1-2 | Manga Mini Review

Hibiki’s Magic Volumes 1-2 | Manga Mini Review

by July 14, 2014


My 2009 review of Volume 1 can be read HERE.


- A distinct and darker take on "magic" which stands out on the crowd, with a mix of benefit and sacrifice associated with it. It stands as a testament to Jun Maeda's writing skills, who has also worked on Kanon, Little Busters! and Clannad.

- Secondary characters are, in general, more interesting and well developed than Hibiki.

- Charming visuals from Rei Izumi,


- Judging a book by its cover, the book does give the impression of being for a younger audience than it is actually targeted towards.

- With Tokyopop now out of the manga publishing business, it is very hard to find this book second hand, let alone brand new.

- Has no conclusion, with the series no longer licensed for international release and the third volume only being published this year, while the second was released in 2006.

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Some of our most cherished manga characters are blessed with magical powers. Others have an extraordinary combination of superhuman strength and cunning intellect. But Hibiki? Her only real skill seems to be making a pot of delicious team… or is it?! This heartwarming fantast story will have you believing in the power of Hibiki’s magic.

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  • nonscpo

    So how does something like this compare with say Madoka Magica?

    • Sam

      Good question….

      Asides from the “There are consequences to obtaining / using magic” plot device, there is very little shared between both series. It has been ages since I last read the Madoka Magica manga, so will give it a read and hopefully have something more to comment about shortly.

      • nonscpo

        Great, thanks!