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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

Volumes 1-2 | Manga Mini-Review
by  on June 29, 2014


Writer / Illustrator

Hinata Takeda


Slice of Life, Historial



Subtitle Languages


Page Count

Approx 180 pages per book


This review is based off Volumes 1-2 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee which have been legally purchased and imported from Japan.


- A simple, yet charming collection of chapters, with each detailing a particular moment of Yune and Claude's time together (or apart) in Paris.

- While the manga might not be able to capture all the visual charm and adorableness of its anime adaptation, the designs across both book are consistent and of a high quality.

- Well designed cover and additional colour artwork / pages.


- Manga has not yet concluded, with no more than two volumes currently available for purchase.

- No western publisher has been announced. Given its age, there is a possibility none of the US-based publishers will pick it up.

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The Quick Brief

Revolutions always wreck mayhem and carnage, and the Industrial Revolution is no different as it engulfs Europe, leaving outmoded businesses and millions stripped of their traditional ways of life forever as its casualties. Cultural Revolutions are no less devastating, and as the 19th century comes to an end, young Yune has seen her native Japan shaken to its very core as the walls separating it from the Western world have finally crumbled, sending an entire nation on a quest for a new identity. But like the Phoenix, the new is inevitably born from the ashes of the old. And when Yune she decides to accompany her new acquaintance, Oscar, to Paris where his family’s metal declining shop is barely making ends meet in the face of its new competition, she may just be setting a new wave of changes into motion. Could Yune be the critical spark needed to rekindle the fires in both the hearths and minds of the Enseignes du Roy?

(Description from Sentai Filmworks' anime release - Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth)

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