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CCP Games and Dark Horse Comics to Team Up For Additional Projects

CCP Games and Dark Horse Comics to Team Up For Additional Projects

by SamMay 4, 2014

unnamed (3)CCP Games have announced that they will once again be teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to work on a series of new comic and book projects. Two of these announced titles are EVE: Valkyrie and EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden.

EVE: Valkyrie is set to be a digital comic book series that serves as a successor to EVE: True Stories which was released in multiple instalments earlier this year. Based on CCP’s upcoming virtual reality space dog-fighting game of the same name, the series will tell the origin story of New Eden’s first Valkyrie pilots and their rise to prominence in the EVE Universe.

EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden will take readers deeper into the vast galaxy-spanning universe ofEVE with never-before-seen art, concept sketches and renders that established the distinct look and feel of the largest sci-fi online game in the universe. Like the previous EVE: Source book, EVEUniverse: The Art of New Eden will be developed in close collaboration with CCP’s creative teams, developers and concept artists, vividly illustrating the factions, spacecraft, planets, mercenaries and pilots of the EVE universe. 

Dave Marshall | Editor at Dark Horse Comics

EVE: Valkyrie represents another great opportunity to join forces with CCP and contribute a dynamic original story to the mythology of New Eden. With the EVEUniverse: The Art of New Eden book we will once again tap into the CCP art vault and present an even deeper examination of CCP’s epic universe through its striking imagery.

Thor Gunnarsson | Vice President, Business Development at CCP Games

EVE: Source and EVE: True Stories served as our initial explorations into the universe of EVE Online with Dark Horse. We’re pleased to continue our relationship with two new and exciting projects that will be enjoyed by both hard-core EVE players and those new to our vast universe of online conflict and collaboration.

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