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Siren Visual Share Look at Cannibal Holocaust Packaging

Siren Visual Share Look at Cannibal Holocaust Packaging

by SamJuly 4, 2014


Regular readers of The Otaku’s Study would know of Siren Visual as Australia’s leading publisher of very niche anime titles, taking away many awards on this site for their niche titles including Usagi Drop and Dennou Coil, in addition to a few of their major releases such as Tiger & Bunny. Siren Visual do however publish a range of niche films as well, their latest being the controversial R18+ film Cannibal Holocaust. With copies available in stores from this month, the company have shared the above look at the films packaging.

Below is what they had to say on the contents of this set:

Two discs packed with extras (including some cool easter-eggs and brand new stuff not included on our DVD version), a 24 page booklet (featuring liner notes by Eli Roth and Chas Balun) and a swank slipcase to house it all. Specially priced at $24.95, this THE classic horror BD release of 2014.

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