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Ubisoft to Release New Figure This September – Altaïr: The Legendary Assassin

by SamMay 14, 2014


Based on the protagonist ‘Altaïr’ from their very first Assassin’s Creed instalment back in 2007, Ubisoft have today announced their planned release of the ‘Altaïr: The Legendary Assassin‘ figure as part of their UbiCollectibles range. Available via their online store, this new figure features Altaïr atop a bell tower in his signature pose, ready to jump into either a hay stack or perhaps to pounce on his prey.

With a release date of September 9th, 2014, pre-orders are currently being taken with a retail price of $79.95.

During the Third Crusade of 1191, Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad becomes the Creed of Assassins’ mentor. Using his eagle vision, he can anticipate his enemies’ every move. His relentless combat against the Templars will bring the Order of Assassins to the height of its glory, and remains to this day an inspiration to the greatest Assassins in history.

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