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Kigu.Me Announce Some of Their World Exclusive Designs

Kigu.Me Announce Some of Their World Exclusive Designs

by SamJune 14, 2013

New Range

With Winter seeming to be coming in with a bit more bite this year than the last couple of years, I can imagine there is nothing nicer than snuggling up in a onesie at night. While onesies can come in many shapes and forms including the infamous “Snuggie” sleeved blanket – since February last year has been bringing some very unique animal-themed onesies or Kigurumi to the Australian market. Just in time for the Winter months, the company have announced a number of new designs.

These designs include a Giant Panda, Shark, Lemur, Sugar Glider and what they claim to be their most popular request – the Leopard.

Daniel Labib | Co-Founder of

It’s important for us to maintain a fashion-forward approach. We enjoy putting in that extra effort to create our own designs because we want to give our customers something unique and not just something run of the mill that anyone could make.

Aidan Lister | The Other Co-Founder of

We receive so many requests on a daily basis for new designs I don’t know if we’ll ever get to every request, but we’ll definitely do our best! As long as we continue to increase the comfort levels of Australians we’ll continue to pump out new designs.

I am looking at buying one or two designs in the next week or two so I hope to be able to review some of their products very soon! This announcement also marks the opening of the cosplay section of this site, where I hope to bring you more news and reviews of companies and products just like this!

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