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Not too sure what to think about this Persona 4 Accessory….

Not too sure what to think about this Persona 4 Accessory….

by SamAugust 8, 2011

The gaming website Siliconera recently uncovered information surrounding this very….. interesting Persona 4 accessory. Being manufactured by COSPA, “Persona 4 Glasses” are going to be released starting late this month for the not so cheap price of 7,350 yen (Or around $US 94.50 | $AU 91.65). It is supposed to be a replica of the glasses worn by the protagonist (Insert Your Name Here) however I am not to sure if I would personally consider them an exact replica (I don’t recall there being a small rainbow strip at the side of them as in the image). Apparently these can be worn with prescription lens as well, if you want to replace your glasses with these….. but personally I would keep these as a cosplay accessory more then anything else…..

I will be curious to see the final product and overall build quality, however if you are inclined to purchase these – you can from websites such as AmiAmi.

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