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January 27, 2015

VIZ Media to Release The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Graphic Novel After Two Decades

Over the last few years, Viz Media have been releasing a series of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ graphic novels under their [...]

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January 24, 2015

CrunchyRoll to Have Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth: Side P4 Manga Available Online Starting Tomorrow

CrunchyRoll have announced that they will begin releasing Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth: Side P4 via their ‘CrunchyRoll [...]

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January 16, 2015

Third Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump (English) Celebrated With Four Free Digital Issues

Viz Media have announced that they are celebrating the third year anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump’s English Edition by giving everybody some freebies. The [...]

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January 11, 2015

Yen Press Announce New Manga and Light Novel Franchises for Localization

North American manga publisher Yen Press have kicked off 2015 by making their very first set of manga and light novel acquisitions for the year. Yen Press seems to have chosen to announce [...]

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January 10, 2015

Viz Media Launch Meteor Prince Manga Series in North America

North American publisher, Viz Media, have announced that they have kicked off 2015 with the launch of a new shojo manga by the title "Meteor Prince".
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January 8, 2015

Seven Seas Entertainment Conclude Their Acquisition Announcements By Confirming Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Seemingly concluding their manga acquisition announcements for today, Seven Seas Entertainment have confirmed they now hold the [...]

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January 8, 2015

Seven Seas Entertainment Also Acquire Merman in my Tub

October 2015 seems to be a month that will be filled with many new manga releases from Seven Seas Entertainment, with the [...]

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