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SUBSTRATA Goes on Sale From Udon Entertainment, When 80 Creative Minds Conceive the ‘Ultimate Dark Fantasy Game’

SUBSTRATA Goes on Sale From Udon Entertainment, When 80 Creative Minds Conceive the ‘Ultimate Dark Fantasy Game’

by SamJuly 17, 2014

unnamedAs gaming over even the last few years have shown us, there are many creative minds embedded in the video game industry. But with many belonging to different development studios, most would never have the opportunity to work as one team to produce something special, built from their combined knowledge and experience in the industry.

Substrata, published today by Udon Entertainment, puts that possibility to the test by asking a simple question: “What happens when over 80 creators from the world’s top video game studios join forces to create the ultimate dark fantasy game?“. While it may never enter development, this new artbook collects designs for the heroes, enemies, environment designs and other visual concepts that could be used to produce this title.

This book serves as the brainchild of illustrator Paul Richards, who initially conceived the project as a way to reunite fellow artists from Vigil Games, which sadly closed down the same time as THQ. From there, the managed to form a sizable group of over 80 creative minds to produce this one tome. Contributors to the book have been credited for roles in a number of recent and popular games including:

Allods Online – Assassin’s Creed IV – Darksiders I & II – DayZ – Destiny – Diablo 3 – Doom 4 – DotA 2 – EVE Online – Evolve – Firefall – Gears of War – Guild Wars 2 – Halo 4 – Hearthstone – Hunted – League of Legends – Left 4 Dead 2 – Overlord – Overlord 2 – Portal 2 – Rift – Runescape – Saints Row – SMITE – Star Citizen – StarCraft 2 – Uncharted 3 – Wildstar – World of Warcraft

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and no doubt many more. Paul Richards, curator of Substrata had this to say for the books official launch: “Substrata gave us all a chance to conceive and execute our own ideas in our own voices. This is a mighty win for artists devoted to making exciting, original game content for its own sake. In that spirit, we’re proud to say all proceeds from the book will go to the charity organization Gamers for Good.

UDON is honored to be involved with the Substrata project.” continues Matt Moylan, Managing Editor at Udon Entertainment, “We get to publish a book with some of the greatest game artists from around the world, and the book itself is gorgeous, really, that’s its own reward. But it was UDON’s publication of The Art of Darksiders II that spurred Paul to want to work with his studiomates again, and all of us at UDON take pride in knowing that we contributed to the inception of SUBSTRATA, and now, we’re helping to bring it to gamers and makers everywhere.

The book comes in at 240-pages in length, and is available at a price of $44.99. For those waiting for a couple of reviews before making a purchase, you will be glad to know that I have already gone through the book and will be posting up a review very soon, hopefully within the next 24 hours.

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