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Udon Entertainment Publish Four Artbooks to International Market

Udon Entertainment Publish Four Artbooks to International Market

by SamMarch 20, 2014


Udon Entertainment have today sent out a notice confirming that four new artbooks based on four major Japanese franchises / artists are now officially released and available for immediate purchase. I currently have my hands on all four, and reviews will be up for them in the coming weeks.

Until then, divert your eyes below for more information on them:

DaisukeDaisuke Moriyama Art Works: Chronicle
$39.99 | Softcover | 208 Colour Pages

Daisuke Moriyama Art Works: Chronicle is a 200+ page, full-colour book. Featuring major sections on the manga series’ Chrono Crusade and World Embryo, Daisuke Moriyama Art Works: Chronicle also features pieces from across Moriyama’s long career career including the series’ Mousou Kikou Adolescence Avatar, Mahoui Neko To Ibarahime, and Bancho Gakuen. Also included are a huge number of illustrations from light novels, magazines, card games, CD covers, and more!

A small selection of tribute artwork rounds out the collection, featuring tributes to Dragon Warrior, Darkstalkers, Fate/stay night, and more! And of course, Moriyama comments on all of his artworks and series’, and even includes a short afterword from the artist reflecting on his career!


DogmaDragon’s Dogma: Official Design Works
$44.99 | Softcover | 312 Colour Pages

Dragon’s Dogma: Official Design Works is a 312 page artbook on Capcom’s latest action RPG franchise Dragon’s Dogma on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. Across its pages is more than 300 pages of rough sketches, illustrations and CG artwork.

Dragon’s Dogma is a brand new fantasy world, featuring amazing monsters, brave heroes, and a huge selection of weapons and armor, all experienced through a traditional Japanese-style action/RPG! Dragon’s Dogma: Official Design Works is jam-packed with art and materials capturing every aspect this world, and collects Key Artworks, promotional artwork, and concept artwork showing the genesis of the game! Also included are a huge selection character, weapon, and armor designs, a gorgeous gallery of monsters, settings and landscapes, and extensive creator commentary appears throughout! UDON has translated all of the descriptions, commentary, and notes.

YsYs: The Art Book
$44.99 | Softcover | 280 Colour Pages

Over the past 25 years, Nihon Falcom’s flagship series “Ys” has brought Japanese and (to a lesser extent) western gamers with hundreds of hours of enjoyment. To mark this quarter-century milestone, Udon Entertainment have localized Ys: The Art Book which collects the artwork from more than a dozen titles in the series – from the original all the way up to Ys: Memories of Celceta. Included in this collection is pinups, character designs, concept artwork and more.

With an expansive world, intricate history and gorgeous anime-influenced design, the world of Ys is made to be explored Ys: The Art Book brings fans of the game detailed illustrations of the characters, story, setting and more, as developed during the lifetime of this iconic RPG franchise. UDON has worked closely with North American Ys Publisher/Distributor XSEED Games to create a thorough and accurate tribute to this magnificent series. 

unnamed (1)Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art Volume 1
$34.99 | Softcover / Metallic Foil Cover | 128 Partial Colour Pages

Udon Entertainment have continued their commitment to publishing Vocaloid / Hatsune Miku artbooks with their first volume release of Hatsune Miku Graphics: Vocaloid Comic & Art. This is a compendium of official and tribute art featuring Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and more. More notably, for the first time ever, Hatsune Miku’s original manga adventures are being officially translated and brought into English.

Manga in this collection includes:

“Hachune Miku” super-deformed 4-koma (4 panel) comic strips by Ontama, presented in full color!

“Miku’s Yonkoma” super deformed 4-koma comic strips by Torikara, presented in full color!

“Torabotic World” fantasy adventure manga by Nagimiso, based on the Vocaloid song by composer Toraboruta-P!

“May Be Family” comedy/drama manga by Nagian, an amazing story about family, with a cute kid version of Miku!

“Good Morning Emma Sympson” manga by Batako, about the feelings and dreams of Vocaloid music composers!

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