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The Otaku’s Study Celebrates Eighth Anniversary

The Otaku’s Study Celebrates Eighth Anniversary

by SamMay 22, 2014


While opening this website was pretty much a spur of the moment event, and in all honesty I never expected it to be as huge a success, I am happy to announce that The Otaku’s Study has today turned eight years old!

This site originally launched on the 22nd May 2006 as Sam’s Anime Study, and has since gone from single-paragraph reviews laden with 40-50 screencaps to what I like to think are much more formal reviews on-top of regular news blasts, interviews and other articles.

I would just like to thank the following people:

  • YOU AND EVERYBODY ELSE for joining me on this eight year adventure, irrespective of if you began following this site back in 2006 or if this is your first time visiting… I hope my posts have been of some benefit to you.
  • THE COMPANIES / PUBLISHERS / DEVELOPERS who I have had the pleasure of working with these years. I look forward to working with all of you even more in the future!
  • THE TEAM AT ANIMEBLOGGER.NET. While this site is no longer part of the AnimeBlogger network, they were the folks kind enough to give me a chance at building the foundations of this site. If you are looking at becoming an anime blogger yourself, please consider checking them out if you don’t want to use a standard free webhost.

The Otaku’s Study is just two years away from its 10th Anniversary, and I look forward to bringing you news, reviews and other articles up to and beyond that milestone!

About The Author
Your average, perhaps slightly geeky 23 year old University student who spends his days studying but his nights watching, reviewing and reporting on video games, anime and manga. Has been writing for The Otaku's Study ever since it opened in 2006 as Sam's Anime Study.