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Stellvia of the Universe – Anime Review

Stellvia of the Universe – Anime Review

by December 19, 2013


Alternate Title

Stellvia of the Universe, Uchuu no Stellvia (宇宙のステルヴィア)

Based On

Initially released to anime


Comedy, Drama, Mecha, Romance, School Life, Science Fiction


PG for Mild Sexual References


In the year 2167, Mankind survived a cataclysmic disaster as a massive wave of electromagnetic radiation from a nearby supernova washed over the Earth. Yet, Mankind was able to survive by pulling together to support each other in this time of crisis.

The year is now 2326 and the new generation of people are preparing for the second wave to hit. One young girl, Shima Katase, is going off to Stellvia, a space pilot academy, where she will learn how to protect the Earth and the family she loves.


Stellvia is one of those series that after all these years, I still find myself coming back to – with it even being showcased in my short-lived Rewatch/Replay articles earlier on this year.

Initially the 26-episode series gives off the impression that it is a simple school-life set in space with a few action elements that would eventually be wrapped up with the character cast going up against the “second wave”. While the production studio evidently didn’t hide this fact, they go beyond this and provide a sizable and interesting character cast, a number of plot twists and a decent balance of the different genres that go into the series – school life, action, science fiction etc.


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Both of the story arcs wrap up really well with lots of intensity - the "Great Mission" and the "Genesis Mission".

For the most part, both plot and character development are well handled and enjoyable to watch. This is further benefited by there being 26 episodes instead of them trying to cram it all into a single 12/13 episode season.

An interesting view of the space-age future.

It may not initially impress, but the 2D and 3D animation quality and designs themselves to grow on you and seems to improve slightly as the episodes progress.

While they do skimp on the opening animation, the theme song is really enjoyable and is also used well the few times it is brought into the series itself. The instrumental musical backing wasn't too bad either.


As the series begins to reach its pressing conclusion, the writers seem to shift focus onto the trivial relationship disputes between protagonists Shima Katase and Kouta Otoyama - despite the fact that only a few episodes later they would be risking life and limb to prevent the universe from reaching their doom.

I know this is an anime series, but why do presumably talented adults always seem to rely on first year students to handle the most pressing "Life or Death" issues? They even have a group of elite students known as the "Big 4" which seem to do as little as possible.

Out of print pretty much everywhere. Needs a license rescue.

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