About The Otaku’s Study

Founded in May 2006, The Otaku’s Study began as a humble anime blog by the name of Sam’s Anime Study. The site was initially developed to join the many others who found enjoyment in reviewing the latest and not-so latest anime released on both Japanese and Western markets. While the beginnings were not what you could call “Off to a great start”, the site has slowly built itself up to what I hope you will find to be a great source of news, reviews and articles for not only anime – but everything else from video games, manga, figures, visual novels and other forms of media entertainment that would be encompassed in the “Otaku” fandom.

Run by a single writer, The Otaku’s Study is what would be classed as a media website, but has never truly lost its blogging roots. This means that while there might be a consistent flow of news articles posted, I try get involved in the blogosphere events such as Kidd’s AnimeBloggers Choice Anime Awards and the Anime Blog Carnival which looked at the reviewing systems of different anime reviewers.

The main goal of The Otaku’s Study is to help promote companies and their releases to the public through regular news articles, along with helping everyone who reads the site to hopefully make informed decisions in what they should purchase in respect to the quality of the products – although as everyone has their own tastes, a single review will never suit everyone (Well… perhaps there might be one or two games that are the exception…..).

Alongside this, I hope to provide you with up to date acquisition news, a look at not only the new, but old classics that might be a worthwhile addition to your collection and reviews of titles that might not even be released to the English market as of yet (Eg. First English review of Mugen Souls).

The Otaku’s Study makes no boasts about being the top site for some niche demographic or whatever. Instead, it is my hope that what is delivered on this site is quality and if we have covered it and you are after information on it – that you come out informed with accurate information. I welcome you to browse around the site, and if you are interested in seeing your press releases and titles covered on this site, please drop me a line through the Contact page.

For those after rants and ravings completely irrelevant to these topics, I also have a blog titled “From The Desk of Sam: Because a Blog is More Sensible Than a Private Diary” where I occasinally post my musings. It can be accessed from HERE.